ISBN: # 1-59374-308-4
July 2005
Whiskey Creek Press
78 Pages

Reola is Head Sperm Technician for S.P.A.R., Sperm Pollination Alternative
Resources. Human feelings start to get the best of her when she sees Stu, she does not
understand what her body is experiencing. She tries to stop these feelings so she does
not break the law. On her thirtieth birthday she discovers a secret, one that could banish
her to Outer Siberia or help her save a dying race, but will she be strong enough to give
in to her desires?

Stu knows something that Reola does not, and on her thirtieth birthday he decides it is
time to tell her. He knows he can be ousted if found out about his discovery, but to save
his human race, it must be done. He is sure there are others out there like him and
Reola, but will she listen to him or turn him in to the evil Simon who wants to rule the

Imagine a future where all sexual contact has been outlawed and if caught doing any
such acts, you are ousted to Outer Siberia. Not only are there no signs of humans,
everything is experimental, except for Spermdroids or Uteroids. That is what happens in
this fast-paced book. At times, I put myself in Reola's place wondering what I would do
to save the human race. I was glad when she finally realized she was human. I liked the
way she finally realized that she preferred to belong to someone and live somewhere
where there was no dictatorship.

Ms. Wilder has written a thought provoking book that is a good read. Even if Ms. Wilder
had not incorporated wild juicy sex in the story, I would have enjoyed it and it still would
have been an excellent book to read.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance