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ISBN# 1897261152
April 2007
Champagne Books
255 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Catherine is recovering after a nasty divorce from her cheating husband. A handsome professor offers her an opportunity to work with him on a summer project in Sardinia. She takes time from her position as CEO of a large insurance company to join him, but he leaves without her.

Etienne lost his wife several years ago and has given up medicine to manage the family vineyard. He has never been so drawn to a woman as Catherine and will do anything to keep her.

A businesswoman recovering from a broken marriage travels to Sardinia for a break from her responsibilities, not knowing that love and danger are waiting for her there.

I really enjoyed this story and, apart from a few minor points, it is a keeper. Catherine and Etienne are very strong characters and the storyline is wonderful. Aurelie is truly creepy and I really liked seeing Mariah and Simon from Blue Water again. The plotline of Darragh and the Hudsons had a lot of potential but was not thought through enough, nor were the consequences adequately addressed. I found it hard to understand why Etienne did not pay more attention to his sister’s strange behavior. Frankly, when she visits the couple continually in the middle of the night, threatening Catherine, something is wrong. In light of later actions on her part, his negligence borders on criminal. Their love story is not a smooth one, and in this gothic-like story, there are many secrets and crimes from the past that are resolved in the end.

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