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ISBN#: 978-1-897559-01-7
May 7, 2008
Eternal Press
153 Pages
Western Historical/Americana
Rating: 4 Cups

Sarah Collins leaves on a wagon train only to be ambushed by Indians. When she finds she is alone in the middle of nowhere, she searches for a town before she runs into anymore Indians.

Nathaniel Grey Wolf Elder had done some scouting and traveling with the army. He would do anything to have a home and saves every penny he makes to buy a piece of land.

Sarah Collins remembers the war cries that sliced through the air, killing everyone on the wagon train. When she is left defenseless, she later awakes to find she has been rescued by an Indian. Wolf finds Sarah after she has been snake bit and does everything to save her. She learns he is a half-breed, his mother an Indian, his father, a white man. He will take her to Independence but informs white people can be hateful to those who are with an Indian. He has a good friend, Miss Maggie that will give her a place to stay. Sarah and Wolf form a very close relationship but others are determined to destroy. Can temporary traveling companions find love in each others arms to make a difference in the world?

Sarah’s Journey is an incredible adventure into the life and loss of those that lived during rough times. The hatred, prejudice and hardships many faced were an everyday occurrence. I liked Maggie and was glad there were a few people as kind as she. The rift between Wolf, the white men, and Sarah, is very well written. A great plot, rich characters and a stunning tale hard to let go, Ginger Simpson has a way of allowing the reader to share in the great adventure in this recommended read that really pulls at the heartstrings. Be prepared for an awesome read.

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