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ISBN# None Available
October 2006
Silk’s Vault Press
$ 3.50
38 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Sara Murphy is composing a TV Documentary on the existence of ghosts.

October 1900, Jake Addison was murdered. Every October, the divine beings grant him the month of October to find one person to reverse his tragedy.

Mrs. Mays, an elderly neighbor, knows about the home Sara bought. She can also read Sara’s thoughts.

Sara leaves New Jersey for Harvest Village, Ohio, hoping to find some subsistence of ghosts for her media research. Her goal is to get a great ghost documentary, but she never imagined actual ghostly beings to be sharing the Old Victorian home. Her neighbor, Mrs. Mays, informs her, the house is haunted, especially during the month of October. Jake can reveal himself human, instead of spirit, for the month of October but cannot leave the house or surrounding yard. If another life can take his place, he can stay with Sara, whom he has grown to love. Pushy ghosts suddenly surround Sara when she tries to break the curse on Jake. With the help of Mrs. Mays, she and Jake are up against dark remnants with not much time left to save Jake.

Sara’s Charm is a captivating tale. When Mrs. Mays first welcomes Sara with a casserole, the whole atmosphere can be felt. It was as if I had stepped into the Victorian home. The conversation is so smooth flowing. When Sara is asleep and is visited by the voice then the ghost of Jake, who is one sexy embodiment, the tale really takes originality. Ms. Hecate weaves some wonderful characters that make this story move along consistently. The addition of Mrs. Mays was a great piece to the tale. There for a while I felt as if I was searching for ghosts, too, in this splendid read that is a stunner.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books