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ISBN: 978-1-60202-129-7
September 2008
Linden Bay Romance, LLC
226 Pages
Shape-shifter, Contemporary, Erotica
Rating: 3 Cups

Sari Jones is a research assistant at Eco-Corp, a laboratory geared toward finding cures for genetic diseases. She is very interested in their study of large cats, a subject near and dear to her heart. Though her employer is unaware, Sari is able to morph into a jaguar. She's been able to keep her ability to transform a secret since her escape from the Facility, a diabolical laboratory performing experiments like the one that turned Sari into a shape-shifter.

Eco-Corp scientist Kai Harrison is a man on a mission to find his missing sister, and not above using the resources of Eco-Corp to do so. He is convinced that with Sari and her uncanny ability to track in harsh terrain, he may finally have the answers he has been looking for.

Sari cannot allow Kai to discover her true identity. Without Kai and her job at Eco-Corp, she may never find the Facility and free her friends still trapped there. Trust is a huge issue for Sari and Kai, both having been hurt and deceived in the past. Little by little they allow each other in, and the mutual feelings they share come to the forefront. Once the initial shock of learning the truth wears off, Kai is finding his attraction to Sari even more intense. She has imprinted herself on every one of his senses, and the thought of losing her is unbearable. Her quest to free her friends and stop the madman behind the Facility proves to be as dangerous and deadly as they fear, but walking away is not an option.

Self-preservation is a powerful motivator, especially when it is used as a tool to control. Sari was a victim most of her life and it is only her drive to survive that keeps her from collapsing under the pressure. That drive is also what makes her a perfect research subject. Her struggle to come to terms with her identity, and the strength she shows trying to save her friends is the highlight of this story. Ms. Middleton has a flair for the extraordinary when it comes to her stories and her characters. Sari and her hybrid friends are just the beginning to a fascinating shape-shifter series.

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