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ISBN# 1-60154-354-9
October 2008
Wild Rose Press
E Book
298 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Elizabeth is in a lot of trouble. Her dissolute father is determined to sell her off to take care of his gambling debts. This spirited young lady is not going down without a fight. However, this latest scandal will be difficult to resolve.

Adam is happy in his carefree bachelor existence. He is definitely not ready to be married to a girl he barely knows, or have an affair to soothe the pride of his best friend whose husband has taken a mistress. Things have gotten beyond his control.

A minor incident has blown up into a scandal of large proportion. Elizabeth and Adam are innocent of any wrongdoing, but are forced to marry to avoid a bigger scandal. Their families are close, but they know little about each other. They soon find they are compatible, but each has secrets that will affect their relationship and marriage. The most dangerous problem is Elizabeth’s desperate drunken gambler of a father.

This is a really well-written historical romance. The characters are so real I felt I knew them by the end of the story. Each has very real hopes, aspirations and foibles. Elizabeth’s father is the most reprehensible villain I have come across. Despite his avowed love for his family, he causes them so much harm. His sister, Helen, despite all facts to the contrary will hear no wrong of her husband. I am not quite sure why her husband has taken a mistress, but he seems genuinely fond of both his wife and her niece. The Hastings family is very colorful. The characters really make the story, though the plot is very exciting and the relationship between the two main characters is fascinating. This is definitely a must read if you like historical romances, particularly of the Regency variety.

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