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ISBN# 978-1-935048-11-4 (13) 1-935048-11-2 (10) Print / 978-1-935048-20-6 (13) 1-935048-20-1 (10) ebook
July 2008
Class Act Books
P.O. Box 726 Lusk, WY 82225
Print / eBook
$11.49 USD / 6.49 USD
95 Pages
Time Travel / Erotica
Rating: 2 Cups

Corin McCloud is a modern woman who stows away on a refurbished 18th century schooner called the Raven when she is denied passage by the Captain. A violent storm catapults her back to 1725 where she must use all her skills to survive in this strange new-old world.

Rogan Drake is masquerading as the dread pirate Dragon in order to avenge the murder of his brother. Corin’s beauty and spirit intrigue him and when he learns the secret she is hiding, he realizes just how special she is.

Corin and Rogan are both torn between their old lives and the new life they are making together. But Rogan’s quest for vengeance has now taken on a life of its own as their adversary is determined to ruin both their lives. As they struggle to survive, both Corin and Rogan must come to terms with the past before they can face the future.

Scarlet Raven is an intriguing story and I like how it is laid out. I particularly like how the author utilized an ‘old’ schooner that becomes a ship of the future in 1725. It is also quite neat how the few modern pieces on the Raven are used to support the story, particularly the use of modern maps. Rogan is believable as the honorable pirate and his tolerance and understanding of Corin’s independence is well explained. Unfortunately I found the character of Corin to be a bit scattered. Her character vacillates wildly between a strong independent woman with martial arts training to a weepy woman prone to vapors and fainting. This is believable at the beginning of the story due to her situation but I soon lost patience with it. In the end, this and other flaws prevent the story from reaching its potential.

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