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Bed and Breakfast Mystery

Book 1: Just Desserts
Book 2: Fowl Play
Book 3: Holy Terrors
Book 4: Dune to Death
Book 5: Bantam of the Opera
Book 6: A Fit of Tempera
Book 7: Major Vices
Book 8: Murder My Suite
Book 9: Auntie Mayhem
Book 10: Nutty as a Fruitcake
Book 11: September Morn
Book 12: Wed and Buried
Book 13: Snow Place to Die
Book 14: Legs Benedict
Book 15: Creeps Suzette
Book 16: A Streetcar Named Expire
Book 17: Suture Self
Book 18: Silver Scream
Book 19: Hocus Croakus
Book 20: This Old Souse
Book 21: Dead Man Docking
Book 22: Saks and Violins
Book 23: Scots on the Rocks
Book 24: Vi Agra Falls
Book 25: Loco Motive
Book 26: All the Pretty Hearses

ISBN# (10) 0-373-89528-3/(13) 978-0-373-89528-1
April 2007
Red Dress Ink
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3B 3K9
Trade Paperback
304 Pages
Chick Lit
Rating: 5 cups

Brooke Miller has the perfect New York City life. An attorney in a prestigious law firm, she is not-so-patiently waiting for Douglas, her sexy Scottish boyfriend, to pop the question. Unfortunately, Douglas informs her that he intends to marry someone, but not her.

Both Jack Solomon, Brooke’s co-worker, and Vanessa, her best friend, try to console her after the break-up. Even after they cover for her at work and let her shop as therapy, they are amazed at how Brooke is determined to win back Douglas after how badly he hurt her.

Finally, Brooke accepts the fact that her hot Scot is not going to come back and so the real crisis begins. Her ex-boyfriend Trip’s wedding is in mere days and she is expected to be there – complete with her handsome kilted Scotsman. With the help of Jack and Vanessa, Brooke attends the wedding and what happens there is what she least expects.

Brenda Janowitz’s debut novel is dynamite. The entire cast of characters is genuine and uncontrived. Her heroine is sassy, smart and fun, but also a bit naive. These are traits very identifiable to today’s modern woman. Full of witty humor, you will crack up laughing at Brooke’s antics. As enjoyable as the humor is, it is also very endearing and romantic. A fun and delightful tale to the very end, Scot on the Rocks is a great summer read.

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