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ISBN#: Unavailable
April 2009
Hearts on Fire Books
340 Pages
Romantic Suspense/Mystery
Rating: 4 Cups

Caroline’s husband has just been elected Vice President of the United States. Caroline is a former Miss Georgia and daughter of wealthy and well-respected doctors. She was on her way to a law career when she had the misfortune to meet her husband.

Jack is a former SEAL and present CIA agent. His cover was blown by his mentor. They have reported him rogue, and it is up to him alone to save the President-Elect from an assassination attempt at his inauguration.

Warren Walters is not what he seems. The handsome and charming Vice President-Elect is also a brutally abusive husband and possibly a traitor to his country. The former SEAL has a lot of skeletons in his closet and has a close association with a terrorist called The Emperor. Jack Weaver is determined to get to the bottom of the plot and is forced to kidnap Warren’s wife Caroline. The frightened mouse does not stay that way for long.

This is a very exciting roller coaster ride of a story. The author creates a situation where the reader is never sure who exactly is a good guy or a bad one for the most part. Warren and Jack have a long and not always pleasant history. Revenge is a recurring theme in this tale and the author really knows how to build tension and suspense. Any fan of this genre is going to have a great time reading this novel.

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