ISBN: 0-446-57846-0
October 20, 2005
Warner Books, Time Warner Book Group
1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020
$21.95 US/ $29.95 Canada
386 Pages
Inspirational Christian Fiction/Romance

Jacetta Winters graduated from college and fell madly in love with Maxie. Unfortunately,
Maxie was married and when she became pregnant he deserted her without a thought.
Her family rejects her, leaving her alone to raise her daughter. She turns to only one
person she can trust, God. Years later, after struggling with her feelings, she meets
Jason, and love hits harder this time. She is wiser and more cautious, but when Maxie
enters her life again, can her strength in God keep her faith embedded to the real things
in life?

Jason Gilmore is very devoted to God and when he meets Jaci and falls in love with her,
he has to convince her to put the past behind her and look to the future. He would like to
have a life with her but until she closes the door to the past, they can never have a
complete relationship. His faith is very strong, but when an old acquaintance from her
past appears, will he be able to have a life with her?

Seasons is a most remarkable book that generates a wonderful read. The characters
reach out and pull you in as the story unfolds in an inspiring affirmation to what God’s
power can do if one only believes. The character of Jaci is very believable in her actions
as she faces motherhood alone, with career challenges, and an ominous stalker. I could
feel the despair of everything that she was crippled with during all the trials in her life.
Through her faith she was able to cope with life making her a better person.

Bonnie Hopkins has written a book that was hard to put down. This is a novel I highly
recommend. I liked the way she spanned the story over years in Jaci’s life. Her writing is
very refreshing and carries much magnitude that touches the heart and that is why I gave
it 5 cups.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance