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ISBN: Unavailable
May 2007
Freya’s Bower
110 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Jenny Murdoch has not had an easy life. Her parents died when she was young and she felt it was her fault. She does her best to keep her psychic abilities hidden because she thinks they caused her parents' deaths. She cannot begin to heal until she breaks through the walls she has erected in her mind.

Zach Douglass is ready to marry to his sweetheart, Angie. His job at the Institute for Paranormal Research is one that he loves. He does not know the level of his ability to see things and wants to learn with Angie’s help. Zach can only hope he can figure it out before his gift is needed.

Attending crime scenes is normal for Zach, Angie, and Kate, so that they can help the police. But this time in Portland is completely different and they have no idea what they are about to deal with. Zach needs help translating a book and goes to Danbur Consulting where he meets Jenny and finds he is attracted to her. He shakes off the attraction thinking it is too soon to have these feelings again. Evil is lurking around Jenny and she must look inside herself to learn how to deal with everything going on. She also feels a connection with Zach.

Jenny and Zach have much to go through before they can be together. Jenny must come to terms with her past and Zach has to reconcile his feelings for his fiancé. Ms. Mumford depicts a story where worlds collide in one place and time. Jenny and Zach need to help each other or all will be lost. I was impressed with Ms. Mumford's descriptions of the Celtic beliefs. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat.

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