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ISBN# (10)0060824616/(13)9780060824615
August 7, 2007
Avon (An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
372 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Maddie Schein craves recognition but the one she would like to have assurance from is her husband, Bruce. She cannot remember the last time he offered sincere appreciation.

Ruth Moss writes songs. Her guitar is her one secret pleasure. Her husband Keith was a workaholic until his stroke rendered him unable to move his left side.

Suzanne Podobinski is head of the PTA and is most always impeccably groomed.

Lisa Slotnick wants to use the elementary school as a movie location.

Maddie wants more time with her husband, Bruce. He promises after he hires a third chiropractor, he can cut back on his hours, but she doubts it. She tries staying busy with the PTA wives in hopes of garnering the recognition she needs. Suzanne knows everything the PTA does is important. She feels if an outdoor arena is built it will make them the envy of every elementary school. When news of a movie starring George Clooney hits the area that they are coming to Applewood, Long Island, it is all a buzz. The suburban housewives are more than excited. Suzanne, who loves the spotlights, seeks the glory but she soon finds herself at odds with Maddie and Ruth. After Lisa hears the confusion over the matter, she decides to join in with Maddie and Ruth giving Suzanne a run for her money. Maddie, Lisa and Ruth try to make Applewood sparkle while rutting out some ill reputes along the way. With some embarking on affairs in the area, their work is cut out for them. Even Maddie, Lisa and Ruth have a few spots in their lives they need to clean up as little secrets seem to mysteriously abound among the wives of the PTA.

Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA really gave this reader thought. I could picture myself wondering about some of the women that attend the functions, of how their life was really like when they were not in the limelight. Maddie is like many women seeking recognition from their husbands while trying to keep a marriage afloat. Each of the women, and secondary characters in the storyline, were sketched in a way making the reader get a feel for Applewood. This is not your ordinary PTA group. Ellen Meister instills some bold characters, quick dialogue and a story that moves non-stop. The tale is so vivid it was like watching the characters leap from the pages and come alive. The story was quite entertaining and makes the reader feel part of a friendship circle.

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