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ISBN# 0-06-079851-3
January 2007
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022
$6.99 U.S./$9.99 Canada
384 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Sebastian Caine is known as a “recovery specialist,” and expert at separating valued belongings from their owners. He can handle almost any situation he is faced, but when a lovely lady points a gun his way, this is one mess he never imagined.

After Katelyn Lyda witnesses a murder, the only thing on her mind is running from the scene as fast as she can. When she happens to clash with Sebastian, she wonders is the smooth talker her salvation or an enemy.

Kat, an ethnobotanist, scientist and scholar, had learned much from her uncle. He taught her about the cinchona plant and much about her mother’s native land, but now Tio Felix lay dead on his floor and she held an ancient diary and a centuries-old manuscript in her possession. All she could think about was his blood on her hands and now she had to run. The manuscript that was supposed to pay for his retirement was gone and now Sebastian had to find who had claimed the book. He quickly learns that the name of Katelyn Lyda is the one person who has what he needs. Of course he never realized when he met her, fireworks would go off and if he did not watch himself, she was the kind of person he could easily fall in love. What starts off as a Cinchona Manuscript that holds the key to the Inca gold mines, as Katelyn, a gifted storyteller, elaborates to Sebastian, begins their adventure to locate the real killer. Whether truth or lies, Katelyn has to work on the plan until she comes up with something else, and with Sebastian, now as her partner, they have four days to come up with answers and the culprit before it is too late. For Kat it will be more than just finding her uncle’s murderer, but also having her heart stolen by a man who with a simple glance can practically cast a spell all over her.

Secrets and Lies is such a highly-strung story that had me spellbound from the start. From the first page, Sebastian takes my breath away. He oozes with warm heat throughout the story, and when paired with Kat, the pages blaze, not only in sensual tones but the dialogue is so intense that I could not move from my seat once I started reading. They are a refreshing couple that really makes the book exhilarating. Ms. Montgomery pens a fantastic tale with well-developed characters that should not be missed. With a touch of suspense, passion, romance and a chase that mesmerizes the reader, Ms. Montgomery really made this reader a fan. This outstanding book has it all and well deserves a 5-cup rating. So superb, so extraordinary, this is one compelling story that speaks in volumes.

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