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ISBN: 978-1-934678-55-8
March 15, 2008
Tease Publishing, LLC
62 Pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Gideon Adrian is a sculptor of erotic art. His work is designed to express the sensual and passionate facets of the human form. One would think his personal life to be just as exciting, but they would be very wrong. With his special ability, he finds solitude much more comforting.

Lori Fontaine is an English teacher. Her greatest thrill is to encourage the love of literature in her students. Her own adventurous spirit is so suppressed as to be non-existent. She does not do casual relationships. As a matter of fact, she has never had a casual relationship. She is determined to shake things up a bit, and Gideon Adrian seems just the man start with.

Lori is pressured into going to an art show with a friend of hers. The high society lavish parties and expensive champagne are not her thing. Looking for her friend in the crush of people, Lori spots a man that literally takes her breath away. Gideon finally finds the woman who has been torturing him with lascivious thoughts all evening. She may be outwardly shy and conservative, but on the inside...HOT...does not even begin to describe her fantasies. His need to have her is overwhelming, but coming on too strong is not the answer. Lori agrees to leave with Gideon, and she quickly learns that giving in to him is way too easy. What could a wealthy man with his amazing talent and looks want with her? And is she brave enough to put herself on the line to find out?

There is just something about a guy who is good with his hands, and Gideon is definitely that guy! The strength and power of his character is palpable. He is as wicked and funny as he is sexy. Lori’s character is much more conservative, but her fire burns just as hot. She is every bit a match for Gideon’s cockiness, and demands his respect and admiration. I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Rainey’s story because honestly, who does not love when a woman can bring a guy to his knees with just a thought?

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