ISBN: 1-38873-671-7
Renaissance E-Book Publishing
156 pages

“Junk Bar Incident”

Gina is out for a night on the town. She meets and has a wild night with singer, Tom.  
Excited about her date with Tom the following night, little does she know a jealous co-
worker does not want it to happen.

“Club Lust”

One night out on the town in a nightclub, one woman finds an end to her boredom when
she finds double the pleasure.

“Roses Heaven”

A woman inspired by love again changes the tactics as she has a tattoo put on her, for
her lover.  After all, did he not do the same?

“Thigh High”

Lisa loved playing at being dominant and she knew her lover, Keith, was in for a big
surprise when he got home. Gina would be there to meet him.

“Geneva’s Story”

When Geneva, a virgin, was taken to service Lord Mansfield’s desire, she became a
pleasure giver and receiver. Thinking there is more to life, she asks to be set free. But
with freedom comes a price.

“Cherry Delight”

Julie young starts out looking for love, never realizing in her innocence that the shoes
she had on would lead her to her man, (comma) Derek. Married now for years, (comma)
she still likes to keep the fires burning, and with her selection of stilettos, Derek will let
her walk all over him.

“Seduced And Abandoned”

One woman’s desire to control her husband, with another’s need for money, makes an
ideal situation until the plan backfires. Some things even money cannot buy.

“Saving the Best for Last”

After being apart for awhile, Joann learns that Matt is better now than he ever was. But
he has a few lessons to teach her.

“One Autumn Night in Chicago”

Ashley, a young eighteen-year-old virgin, has always fantasized about having her
virginity taken by a rock singer. When she finds the singer she wants, they both have
something new to learn.

“Fresh Air”

An unhappy woman out with her boyfriend at a party finds a happy ending going outside
for some fresh air.

“The Exploding Woman”

A desperate young woman looking for a way out of her dreary way of life finds it in a
creature of the night.

“Me and Mr. N”

A fantasy comes true for Lori as an old friend comes to town with some fantasies of his

“Room 1247”

Tired after a long flight, Jenny was ready for a relaxing time in the hotel.  But thanks to a
mix-up, Jenny’s night was anything but relaxing.

“To the Victor Goes the Spoils”

When push comes to shove, Ramona has to decide between the two men of her life.

“How Ashley Juniper Changed her Image”

Always a good girl doing the right thing, Ashley Juniper is a track star. She was tired of
being a good girl. One night with a famous rock singer had her being a very bad girl.

“Tables Turned”

Gina has hidden desires that she writes about under a pen name. One night with Kevin
and her hidden desires become fact. But Kevin forgot to read the ending.

Ms. Blackmore created these erotic short stories to entice and tantalize your mind.
Each story has its own subliminal message. These characters are mostly young and
experimenting in life. The sex is explicitly hot, and not for the faint of heart. If you love
short eroticas, this is a must read.

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Reviewer For Coffee Time Romance