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ISBN# 9780352345103
Black Lace, an imprint of Virgin Books, LTD.
$12.95 US/ $14.50 CAN/ 7.99 UK
252 pages
Erotic Romance Rating: 4 cups

Honey Trap

Astrid and her husband, Rhys, are vacationing. One evening during a pre-dinner cocktail party, they run into Marcus, a friend of Rhys'. After spending the day together, Astrid finds her night just as hot.

This is a sultry and seductive tale which I enjoyed immensely. Rhys and Marcus are so different it is not hard to imagine why Astrid is attracted to both of them.


David has been with many women, but he is scared Katie will leave him if she knows the number. Katie’s suggestion shocks David.

There is such intensity to the feelings David has for Katie and vice versa. While sexy and naughty, it is also quite sweet.

Malicious Intent

Jillian is getting started in the decorating business and decides to ask to redo the restaurant where she eats most of her meals. Jillian gets more than the owner's attention when she brings Samuel her sketches and swatches.

A little seduction in a public place has never hurt anyone. This is a hot, sexy story. This one was spoiled by the fact that Samuel was cheating on his wife without her knowledge.

Garden of Eden

Caterina tends the vineyard on the convent grounds. A mute man arrives to help the sisters bottle their wine on a rainy afternoon.

This story is fun and sexy. A seduction in a vineyard...what a fantasy.

The Cicadas

Nick and his wife are in a rut. After fifteen years of marriage, they have lost the fun in their marriage. A trip to France and a beautiful hotel shows them maybe they have not lost it after all.

A very sexy tale, this one turns the heat up to the ultimate proportions. Ms. Williams provides such wonderful visual descriptions of the landscape, hotel and the men involved.

The Rancher's Wife

Leslie Dobbs has returned to her husband after being away for thirteen months. Living on the ranch did not fulfill her needs, but her husband Edwin did.

Fantastic is the word I would use to describe this one. Sometimes taking a break shows you things are not as bad as you think.

Christmas Present

Robyn's sister, Gail, introduces Robyn to a beautiful man, Trent, at the Christmas party. Robyn's daughter, Jennie, notices how this man watches her mom, but Robyn refuses to see it.

This is a well-written story. The seduction is slow and steady, which is nice.

Not Knowing It

Hobbs is an overweight woman with a crush on a gorgeous computer geek named Julian who is in her writing group. As Julian tells a story to the group, Hobbs discovers she is not alone in her crush.

This starts of very sweet and innocent then escalates into dirty and wonderful. I liked how Julian's storytelling helped move things along.

Just One Night

Claire is back on the singles scene. A night out with her friend, Sharon, and Claire finds herself dancing on the bar to seduce the bartender.

Gutsy and bold, Claire and Sharon remind me of my girlfriends. And who has not checked out the gorgeous bartender when out with the girls?

All for One

Megan, running into Richard--a dear friend from college--finds she is missing the men she called her ‘three musketeers’. On a weekend retreat at Richard's family estate, she is able to connect with them all again.

I had to grab a bottle of cold water after this tale. Good grief! This is a hot one.

It's Got to Be Perfect

Lucy has set herself up for a ‘seduce yourself’ evening. Pampering and fantasies are all tucked away when the landlord, Steve, arrives to fix the plumbing in her flat.

Steve is such a real type of guy. A woman can really picture him in her mind...or her bed.

The Shopping List

Morin Lansing's relationship with Paul is lacking excitement. Spying on the couple in the dressing room of the clothing store she works at, she finds out fantasies can come true.

A tale of voyeurism, this one is exciting and fun. Good for the imagination.

Twelve Steps

The college student in the story is trying to seduce a man into her bed. Her eye is on the library attendant.

Okay, wow! That is the only word I can come up with for this one.

Altogether, this is an awesome collection of erotic stories. Some are sweet, some sensuous, but all are written to seduce your senses. As a whole, these fantasy inducing stories tease and tantalize. Individually, each one has its own element of heat and excitement. There are a couple of these tales which did not appeal to me, but most of them did exactly what they were meant to do. With this variety of authors, it should not be hard to find your favorite.

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