ISBN# 1-59080-301-9
September 2004
Echelon Press
280 Pages

Angie and Lola had been friends ever since they were two runaways on the streets.
When Lola is found killed and Sarah goes missing, Angie finds herself at a complete
loss. She suddenly finds herself locked up in jail for fraud and has only one person to
turn to for help, Intuko. As the days pass, she begins to feel something for him. But can a
minister ever feel anything for a stripper?

It has been years since Intuko has seen Lola. She asks him if he would take care of her
daughter should anything happen to her.  Later when he discovers she has been
murdered, he has to locate the young Sarah. He has a duty to protect the child and to
find the murderer of Sarah’s mother.  

I liked the way Intuko could sense the tears, pain and deep-seated grief when he spoke
to Lola. Later when he heard what had happened to her, my heart went out to him. I
could almost feel his pain, his heartache, and the terrible ache he and Angie felt when
they could not find Sarah.  My heart went out to Angie, as she suffered from this loss as
well. When Intuko started to think about dying and all the things that he would never see
again, not to mention Lola and little Sarah, I wanted to jump through the pages and go
for help for him. I liked the way Intuko was provoked with anger and had succumbed to it.
It showed he was human and shared the same feelings as others.  

This was a remarkable book read. A story filled with intrigue as Intuko tries to find a
missing child, a killer and help a stripper while trying to keep his humbleness in tact all
at the same time. The writing of this story was truly first-rate. Every character seemed to
come alive with each turn of the page. Ms. Nicholson has a way to exhibit the pain, fear,
and sadness that the characters encounter. We need more stories like this that touch
the heart.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance