ISBN: 1-59088-040-4
August 2005
Wings ePress
442 Pages
Romantic Suspense

Glitz, glamour, and danger greet Nicole when she runs away from her mother to live on
the streets. When approached by Max to be a model at his agency, she is delighted but
immediately finds herself falling for him. Soon fate thrusts her into a complicated and
perilous relationship, opening her eyes to many things. When a stalker decides she is
the woman of his dreams, it is up to Max to rescue her.

Max sees a beautiful girl on the streets and gives her an opportunity to work at his
model agency. There is something about her innocence that lures him. When he sets out
to give her a home, he has no idea they will be plagued by the dangers and obstacles in
their tragic past lives. Will they be able to overcome their age difference and the
problems in their life to find lost love?

This is a story where two people’s lives are connected both in the past and the present.
When Max discovered that Nikki needed him and he had to return to her, I was on the
edge of my seat. I could practically feel the torment his body was enduring not being
able to rush to her side. When he told Nikki it was a mistake, I could feel her sadness.  

I loved this book.  This book is well written, fast-paced and thought provoking. It is full of
suspense, mystery and action; a page-turner from start to finish. It is a very satisfying
book with twists and turns that will keep you glued to every page. The characters Ms.
Ryan portrays on pen and paper are sympathetic. She paints a scene that takes the
reader into the center of the story and into the couple’s dreamy past lives. She is such a
gifted writer! See You In My Dreams is an engrossing story that one can not put down.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance