ISBN: Not Available
May 2005
By Grace Publishing
E-Book/Paperback/Deluxe Trade Paperback
177 Pages
Contemporary Christian Romance

Abby returns to her grandmother’s small town to become the training officer for a newly
formed rescue squad. When she sees her old school sweetheart, she discovers her
heart still carries a burning torch for him. She has always wanted to marry Royce. When
a riding accident throws her from a horse, she wakes in a hospital blind. She will not
allow Royce to be burdened with a handicapped person. Can Abby learn to trust her
heart and allow Royce entrance? Only time will tell.

When Royce hears that Abby has returned to town, he is ecstatic. He has loved Abby
since they were kids and now is his chance to win her back. After Abby’s accident he
continues to propose to her only to be turned down. He loves her no matter what. Can
she not see that he will care for her at any cost? Where love is concerned can he help
her to see the light?

This is an absolute must-read. You can feel the ambience of the whole book. It reminded
me so much of my life when I visited with my grandparents, even down to a taste of that
delicious fudge cake! I felt the ache in Royce’s heart when he saw Abby fall. A tear
came to my eye when Abby first met with her therapist. The ambulance scene was
incredibly written. I worried the whole time. We need more loving people like Royce in
this world. Most men would not have been as understanding.   

Ms. Covey takes you right into the book itself, compelling and sheer entertainment for
any reader. Ms. Covey puts you inside the character. I promise you this story will not
disappoint and you will reach for many tissues. A very well written love story.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance