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ISBN#: 1606010654
September 2008
Siren Publishing, Inc.
336 pages
Erotic contemporary romantic adventure
Rating: 5 Cups

Charis McKoy, codename Angel, almost sacrificed her life to bring in the terrorist that she unknowingly helped train as an ICE agent. Angel thought he had blown himself up in the explosion that almost killed her. Five years later he is back and Angel is running against time. With the help of the one man who set her world ablaze, she hopes to prevent the death of more innocent people.

Former NAASD agent, David Snyder, thinks his days as an agent are over but then he sees his Angel. Charis has always been the one whose very memory has brought him through all the pain. After he witnessed the explosion he always thought had taken her life, she is back to recruit him in helping catch a killer.

The former agent, codenamed Surreal, is back and wants his Angel. He knows that she loves him and he just needs to show her the way home. Charis and David are up against a mad man determined to have Charis as his own personal Angel.

Ms. Adams writes a story meant to keep a reader on their toes. This story takes the reader to the edge of their seat and keeps them there until the very end. I love the spin she uses with placing two agents from rival agencies together and watching the sparks fly. The author puts enough surprises in the story to ensure that the reader won’t figure out the ending until the author is ready to reveal it. Charis has become one of my all-time favorite leading ladies with all her hang-ups and loving nature. The scorching love scenes between these two are more amazing for their intensity than for their content. I look forward to reading the next book in the NASSD Counter-Terrorism Series.

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