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ISBN#: Unavailable
January 2008
The Wild Rose Press
123 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Dorcy Edwards was hired by Gareth’s father to be a kitchen maid. She had arrived from Yorkshire and accepted the line of employment, unaware her employer insisted upon certain privileges. Pulling a knife on him was probably not a good idea.

Gareth Davenport did not get along well with his father after his mother’s passing. Five years later he arrives home after his father is murdered. His encounter with Dorcy causes a stir, practically accusing him of being a killer.

An evil man is killing women, and Dorcy finds herself caught in midst of things after her employer winds up dead. She wanted a means to escape but instead encountered Gareth, the son. The murder in the Davenport home summons the Inspector, who is surprised to discover Dorcy’s last employer died, and now her current one is dead. Could Dorcy be the killer, or what about Gareth who arrives home after being away for so long? Suspects begin to grow on the list, as Dorcy and Gareth are thrown into events that seem to turn the tables.

I knew I was going to love this story as soon as I started reading about the fog, not to mention the scream. It reminded me of the Hitchcock movies I love. With the corner gas lamp, and the mystery already cocooning in this read, that alone was enough to hold my attention. The intrigue, along with the suspense, is spellbinding. This is one of those stories you cannot take your gaze away for a second or you will miss something. Ms. Mae crafts fascinating characters, an interesting plot, and adds some romance to make the book a little more scrumptious. See No Evil, My Pretty Lady is an unforgettable tale that will stay in this readers head for a long time.

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