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ISBN# (10): 1-906023-63-x/ (13): 978-1906023-62-1
November 2008
Alinar Publishing
441 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Lilith Martin took the rank of elite hunter three years earlier than expected. She has a gift almost like that of a vampire. With the group, Section Seven, she makes a point to hunt for demons.

Lincoln Vehemen has a problem with a prophecy that could affect vampires and humans. He has searched long and hard to locate Lilith and now wishes her services. With other vampires coming after him, he needs protection.

Lilith is angry when her closest friend, Jackson, is killed by a vampire. Out of nowhere one appeared, then Jackson was dead. Then she learns she is to work with a new client, a vampire. Lilith is furious at the thought of working side by side a vampire; she is not a researcher but a vampire hunter. Lincoln is the kind that demands respect and commands power. He is her enemy, yet she finds it hard to take her eyes off him. Lincoln wonders why she hates his kind so much. Can Lilith put her anger aside to keep him safe without causing harm to come to her?

Seventh Circle is a fast moving read, full of action and powerful drama. I love the strong trait that transcends in Lilith. She is vibrant and feisty, able to stand on her own next to Lincoln. I could practically see her expressions when she told him to clean up after himself, and not to get blood on her sheets or couch. Lincoln is an enigma whose charisma swoons through the pages. When you put the two in the same room, it is like an electric current when they connect. F.E. Heaton gives her readers a spellbound of a story that pulls the reader into the pages like a magnet. She instills a well-developed cast that delivers a splendid tale.

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