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ISBN# 1-55410-770-9
April 12, 2007
eXtasy Books
95 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Laynee Mikalosa is a witch in a Carillian coven. She is the shy type and would just as soon have her life stay quiet. That is, until she is called upon to do a ritual to call her mates. Laynee has not just one, but two destined mates.

Fane is a Tigerian shapeshifter and prince. He left his planet with the hopes of finding a mate he would not have to share. When he is captured and tortured by the Banart, he knows he must escape.

Sayre is a blood drinker and shifter. He, like Fane, is called to Laynee’s side when she does the ritual. Unlike Fane, though, he knows what is happening because his twin brother is mated to Laynee’s twin Jaynee.

When Laynee does the ritual to call her mates, they each appear in her home instantly after she performs the ritual. She is terrified when Fane in his tiger form tackles her and begins insisting telepathically that she get rid of Sayre. Since they are both her mates, she must accept them both. Will these two men be able to accept this, or will one of them refuse the bond and leave them all sterile and the universe in danger from the Barts?

Sex Me Down is a fun, as well as erotically charged, book. Laynee’s fears of bonding with the two shifters are very real, as are her reactions to them. Fane and Sayre are more alike than they are comfortable with, and it shows. Reading about their continuing struggle with having to share Laynee between them is at times comical. The sex between these three is hotter than fire once Laynee is able to overcome her fears. I am greatly looking forward to the next book in this series!

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