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Interview with Kate Douglas

ISBN# 0-7582-1490-1
April 2007
850 Third Ave, New York, NY 10022
Trade Paperback
256 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance Anthology
Rating: 3 Cups

Chanku Fallen

Mik and AJ are partners, lovers, and mates. They have been sent by their boss at Pack Dynamics to find the sisters of another employee. Both women disappeared many years before and, as rare as they are, Chanku women must be found and protected.

Tala has no memory of her life before the last three years and wishes that she could forget those too. A prostitute under the brutal control of her pimp, a chance encounter with Mik and AJ leads to a horrible experience that convinces her to escape.

When Mik and AJ accidentally find the sister of one of their pack mates hiding in their car, they rescue her and teach her about her heritage and love.

This story contains some brutal and disturbing elements, but once past them, the author gives us the story of a woman who finds love, and herself, and two men who find that their capacity to love is a little different than they thought. The characters are strong and the descriptions of the setting and Tala's first change are exceptional.


Tanya is a New York hairdresser with a great reputation, but not enough money to hold on to her shop. A letter from a man who wants her to do the hair of his lion is odd, but the money will save her business.

Jean Claude is immortal and his chateau holds the memories of all of his loves throughout the years. He and his lion other self are lonely.

Tanya and Jean Claude find love in his mist-covered chateau of memories. He shows her his circus of fantasies and his memories of the past. She wants to stay, but has a life elsewhere; Jean Claude cannot let her go.

This is a unique twist on the Beauty and the Beast story. It is all very dreamlike and even at the end I wondered if Tanya was just dreaming throughout. The relationship between Jean Claude and the lion is not clear. I was never sure if he was the lion or if the lion was a companion. Other than that, the descriptions of the chateau and the erotic imagery are wonderfully done.

Call of the Wild

Deanna Lycan is an orphan in search of her roots. She packed up everything she owns and heads towards Hillsboro, West Virginia, to see if she can find out anything about her family.

Graeme Luger is a deputy sheriff and a werewolf. He is immediately drawn to the woman he pulls out of her wrecked SUV and wants to protect her. She is going to need all the help she can get.

A young woman with no knowledge of her heritage finds her mate and true love, if she can survive long enough to enjoy it.

Graeme and Deanna are great characters. Deanna is caught by circumstances beyond her control and deals with it rather than falling into hysterics. Graeme is stunned to find his mate and to also find that she has no idea that she is a werewolf. The teenaged idiot jocks in search of revenge add a great touch of suspense to the story.

This anthology has the common thread of shape shifters. All three stories are very erotic and well written. I enjoyed the last one the most; it is a great example of a traditional werewolf romance and very well done at that. Ms. Dante does an excellent job. The other two stories were very enjoyable and will make the reader look for more of each of these authors’ work.

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