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Interview with Kate Douglas

ISBN# 978-0-7582-2869-7
March 31, 2009
Kensington Publishing Corporation
850 Third Avenue, New York, New York 10022
Trade Paperback
256 Pages
Aphrodisia/Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Chanku Honor by Kate Douglas

Jazzy Blue should have tried to kill her pimp with a serrated knife, if she hadn’t then maybe she would not be in the situation she now finds herself in with no roof over her head. It also makes for bad working relationships.

Logan is the leader of the Wolfpack as they set out to learn more about their heritage of the Chanku. As he spends more time around Jazzy, he feels as if they were soul mates meant to be together.

Jazzy had been bought as a slave when she was only six, not long after turning her into a whore. As she grew older, she considered what love would feel like with that special person. The crowd she hangs around was becoming edgy. Then maybe it was all the dreams she was having about wolves and sex putting her on edge. Logan compares the pack to something similar to a bunch of mangy wolves. They are all shapeshifters, in some way, but when Jazzy sees one actually turning, it is hard to dismiss what she witnesses. The closer the pack becomes, the stronger their connection, prompting Jazzy to wonder how it would feel being with Logan. His emotions come into question when his thoughts turn to Jazzy. Can Logan still protect his pack while showing Jazzy his true feelings or will it turn into something much more costly?

I have to say Kate Douglas knows how to sketch shapeshifters that reach out and grab the reader. With the secondary characters coming to play with Jazzy, one can feel the surge of excitement and thrills that they fall into each day. I like the character of Jazzy. She is refreshing. Her heart emits the trouble and tortured pain she has suffered in her life, allowing the reader to feel empathy for her. Chanku Honor is a fast-moving read that gets forceful with each turn of the page, enhancing a great ending.

Animal Instincts by Lydia Parks

Rachel McNeil is on the search to find the killer of six men. When she learns of a similar case involving eight other dead men, she sets out to find the man who stopped those killings.

Inspector Nikolai Volsky has not solved the case about the eight dead men; only put an end to it. He soon learns he has a co-worker who wishes to assist in the search for the killer.

Nikolai is impressed when he meets Rachel. She is anxious to know how he managed to stop the killings. Nikolai informs her the killings were stopped, he offers no other explanation. If she wishes to work with him, she will have to accept his word. Rachel soon recognizes much more when she and Nikolai begin working closely together. The attraction slowly simmers like nothing before. Nikolai thought he could never love again after losing his first mate, but Rachel warms his heart. It appears something called a Cushakna; similar to the fox family, is part of the killings. Nikolai promises he will get rid of the beast, but he will go alone. When Rachel spies a huge leopard, with eyes similar to Nikolai, her curiosity is peaked. If her suspicions are correct will she be able to bridle her tongue concerning Nikolai, especially when her love has healed his wounded heart? Or is this the end of a powerful romance?

What I love about Lydia Parks is the way she creates characters with such commanding emotions. Animal Instincts creates a powerful flow of electricity between Rachel and Nikolai that is purely intoxicating. Nikolai is absolutely enigmatic and watching his change throughout the story is awesome. This erotic romance is unquestionably one ride the reader will not forget.

Wings of the Swan by Anya Howard

Ruff, a Saxon chieftain, sees a beautiful female in his dream while kneeling before the altar of Freyja. While others would be frightened in seeing such spirits, he is not afraid, only respectful.

Inga is of the right age to find a man, yet she is very shy. There is only one way to help her get through her shyness and attract the right man to make her happy. Will she be able to withstand the ordeal?

The goddess realizes the lovely Inga is purposefully shy. There is only one thing left to do. Inga must journey to the Earth to the wood. It is there she will go to the tumbling fall and bathe in its showers. Not long after asking if he is worthy, Ruff sees the lovely Inga. She is breathtakingly beautiful and in no time becomes his swan maiden. He intends to honor her all the days of his life. His first duty is to take her to his village where meeting other mortals frightens her. As his slave and trophy, no harm will come to her. This is the first he has felt for another since the death of his wife, and he does not intend to allow any harm to come her way. When a stronger force will stop at nothing to pull them apart while targeting his tribe, will Ruff and Inga’s love be strong enough to survive?

Anya Howard sketches a wonderful blend of romance that takes the reader on a lovely ride with two players meant to become one. I enjoyed reading the lengths that Ruff undergoes to find the one person to fill his heart with love again. Inga is revitalizing like a breath of fresh air. With a touch of intrigue to keep the pages turning, Wings of the Swan is a captivating read.

With crisp dialogue, splendid characters, and three stories to thoroughly absorb the reader, Sexy Beasts VI indeed mesmerizes. These three tales explode leaving a pleasurable read. Kate Douglas, Lydia Parks and Anya Howard know how to excite the senses and bring stimulating entertainment to the pages.

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