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The Family Heirlooms Series

Book 1: Baby, Baby
Book 2: Shadow Boxing
Book 3: Foolish Games
Book 4: Glass Angels
Book 5: Shards of Ashley

ISBN# 978-1-60504-354-8/978-1-60504-430-9
January 2009
Samhain Publishing
213 pages
Inspirational Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Justine Morris lost her mother to cancer when she was eleven. By the time she turns seventeen she is struggling with school and caring for a father sick with cancer. Luckily, she can turn to Joshua.

Joshua Samuels lives next door to Justine. After her father became ill, they grew closer. When Justine became pregnant, Joshua made the right choice by marrying her.

By the time Justine was seventeen, she had lost both parents to cancer and was with child. She never told anyone she was pregnant. Everyone thought she and Joshua married for love. Now eighteen years later, daughter, Vashti, is heading off to college, and Justine wonders about their marriage. They had shared a daughter together, and Joshua attended her trials, yet something is missing. She wonders if there was love in their marriage or was it only duty bound. They are almost like strangers. Will they put aside their marriage vows when Vashti leaves, or reach out to each other?

Shadow Boxing is an incredible read. The emotions are wide-span throughout with in-depth characters that cling to the reader. This endearing, poignant story makes the heart leap with joy. Justine and Joshua, make it a realistic read as they try to work out their marriage. To me it was like perhaps their guilt eating away at them for their sin, and they were afraid to open up to each other. I know when I read a book by Karen Wiesner I will never be disappointed. She composes captivating stories that enthrall and leave a lasting impression that is hard to forget. This story pricks at the heart and gives one hope that no matter how hard some matters appear, there is a solution. This book is an extraordinary read and a gem to be treasured.

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