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ISBN# Paperback-978-1-59705-726-4/E-book-978-1-59705-303-7
July 2008
Wings e-press
403 Wallace Court, Richmond, Kentucky 40475
294 Pages
General Fiction/Paranormal
Rating: 4 cups

Matthew Calder is a young man born with a birth defect that has caused one of his eyes to be covered with a flap of skin, and some hair to grow on his forehead that resembles fur to some. He was discarded by his father shortly after he was born, and rescued by a female wolf and then later by a mountain man named Jesse Calder. Raised by Jessie and his Yakima wife Naomi, and accepted by Naomiʼs family from the reservation, Matthew never wants for love. In addition, Matthew has the companionship of the wolf who first saved him, and a spirit who appears to him in the form of a shadow.

Rachel Moore is the daughter of Leah and Aaron Moore. She is also Matthew’s twin, though neither of them are aware of the fact since Aaron led both Leah and Rachel to believe that Matthew had died at birth. She is being courted by two men, each very different from the other.

When Matthew’s spirit guide shows him a vision of Rachel, Matthew knows he must find the girl from his vision. He is completely unaware of the fact that Rachel has also seen a vision of him and is just as determined to find him. It is not long before they discover each other, and just how they are connected. Even so, Aaron refuses to acknowledge his own connection to Matthew because he is eaten up with guilt for what he did to Matthew when he was born. In spite of this, first Rachel, and then later Leah, accept Matthew as a part of the family. When he moves into town and begins showing the townsfolk that it is what is on the inside rather than the outside that matters, the lesson is learned for many. But there are still others who cannot deal with his looks and seek to shun or even harm him and those he loves. Will Aaron finally come to accept him as his son and let go of his guilt and accept Matthew’s forgiveness?

Shadow of the Soul is a beautiful and moving story of a young man with a big heart who, even though he is often shunned for his looks, can still find forgiveness in his heart. The author does an excellent job of allowing the reader into the heart and mind of nearly every character, secondary ones included, making this a fabulous read. My heart broke for all the pain Aaron inflicted on himself and his family because of his guilt, but Matthew’s strength throughout the book makes it bearable for the reader. Ms. Rochester clearly did her research both historically and geographically, and it shows. I especially liked the spiritual aspects of this book. A wonderful read that I recommend to one and all!

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