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ISBN#: 978-1-897559-62-8
October 2008
Eternal Press
$1.80 CA
25 Pages
Paranormal, Vampire, Supernatural, Mild Horror
Rating: 3 cups

Katherine Browning is the daughter of a farmer. In order to provide for her and her brother’s education, Katherine’s father has promised her hand in marriage to her brother’s tutor.

Whisper is a gypsy hunting something that is draining the life and blood from local farm animals and villagers.

When Whisper sees the tutor trying to force Katherine to allow him certain sexual liberties, he finds he cannot just walk away. He rescues Katherine by scaring off the fat, old tutor and then takes her to meet his friends and family in the woods. However, on the way back, the thing Whisper has been hunting finds them, and now he must fight it in front of Katherine. Will Katherine escape the beast that drinks blood? Will she try to help Whisper?

I enjoyed reading Shadow on the Crystal as the writing is very suspenseful. Ms. Kingston does a great job of keeping the reader in the dark about what is going to happen, while at the same time leading the reader deeper into the plot. The story has a very gothic tone about it, and adding the gypsies just gave it that much more character in my opinion. My only problem with the story is that the ending did not make sense to me, as it was completely different than where the story appeared to be leading. While this was a bit of a disappointment, the story is well written and for those who enjoy a bit of horror with their romance, it has plenty of that to recommend it.

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