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ISBN# 9781593746162/9781593746155
April 2007
Whiskey Creek Press
220 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Alexis Synclair is the wife of Ty Synclair, of the British rock band Shadowsforge.

Diane Starling is the wardrobe coordinator for Shadowsforge.

Valerie Leonard is the biographer of Shadowsforge.

Crystal is a woman whom Jordan asks to travel with the band for two weeks.

Ty Synclair is Alexis’ husband and one of the main guitarists and songwriters for Shadowsforge.

Geoff Richards is a singer with Shadowsforge.

Jordan Cantrell and Jon Wiles are guitarists with Shadowsforge.

Brian Cummings is the drummer for Shadowsforge.

All Jordan wants is someone to love him, someone he can be close to and who can be there for him during the tour. What he gets instead is Crystal, a woman with an agenda that is bound to get Jordan hurt. Diane just wants to forget a really bad mistake she made that involves Geoff, but when her secret is not a secret anymore, it is anyone’s guess what the outcome will be. Geoff thinks he is in love with Valerie, the band’s biographer, but finds that his body has ideas other than fidelity. Valerie is not sure how she feels about Geoff, but she is carrying a deep dark secret too, and between Diane and Valerie, Geoff is bound to get something other than his heart hurt before it is all over. Brian is the quiet, deep type and like Diane, he holds a secret. Only time will tell who winds up with whom once this tour is over.

While this story is well written, it was difficult for me to follow because there were so many different main characters. Ms. Galifany is skillful in looping the different storylines around each other, but I found myself confused about a few of the situations. However, despite this she does a bang up job in describing what it is like to be in a popular band, never knowing if a woman cares for you because of who you are, or because you are famous. The situations are realistic, as is the writing, perhaps a tad too realistic. Nevertheless, if you enjoy reading about rock n’ roll bands and romance, you certainly do not want to miss Shadowsforge: Retaking America.

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