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ISBN# 9781600881138
March 2007
Cobble Stone Press
231 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Titania (Tani) Alcott is a famous singer with psychic abilities to sooth people and even read their emotions. With her crew of Houston and Laney and David; Tani travels the world singing. Tani always felt alone because of her abilities and like no one really understood her. It is one night on tour that Tami’s whole life changes.

Diego Viteri is a vampire, centuries old. His best friend Brakka turned him, and Brakka is his sworn enemy. Diego does not kill for food, which makes him different from the brethren who are all out to destroy. Diego is tired and lonely, and it was on a night he was following Brakka that Tani, her voice reached out to his loneliness, mesmerized him and he was hooked.

When Tani feels the anger between Diego and Brakka she goes out to stop a fight, that is when she meets Diego, and after that Diego becomes a big part of her life. He becomes her bodyguard and she knows there is something different about him; he can speak to her mentally. Then one night Tani is kidnapped by a man bent on abusing her and her talents and in fact has others with special abilities in his underground lab. By the time Diego finds her, she is nearly dead and there is only one thing to do; turn her. But will Tani forgive him for the turning? Will she be appalled at what he is and has made her? Diego knows only one thing, to keep her safe, because the evil man he saved her from is out looking for her again.

RIVETING! A deeply compelling read, that will keep you captivated until the end. Well written characters and some very important secondary characters are the foundation for the awesome tale. Deep-rooted values of justice and knowing what is right or wrong despite the fact you are immortal breathes in this dark sexy hero, as he has finally found a reason to keep going on. Spine tingling action and steamy sensual love scenes keep you entertained and enthused. I especially love the fact that at the end of this book, you know there is more to come, and this reader will be anxiously waiting for the next book.

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