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ISBN# Unavailable
August 2007
Forbidden Publications
122 Pages
Fantasy Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Shahzar is the princess to the Kaladian Empire. To become queen she must first bear a child by the bishop from the Shan-Sei temple. Accepting this archaic ritual is her only choice if she wants to change the course of the Kaladian people.

Raynier is the chosen bishop of the Shan-Sei priests. He loves and fears Shahzar almost with the same measure. He is awed by her strength, but is terrified that without faith she and her people will be lost.

Shahzar is finally ready to take her rightful place among her people. She has spent her entire life being trained and educated by her uncle Shahmi and the council. Love and compassion have never entered into her lessons, and what she feels for Raynier concerns her. He makes her feel safe and warm when her whole life has been nothing but chaos and coldness. She cannot afford to be compromised when she is so close to reaching her goal, but she faces the ultimate challenge when the Klemish attack Kaladia. She is forced to come face to face with her own demons.

This desert fantasy is the first exciting journey in the life of Shahzar. The characters in this story draw you into their world. Shahzar’s determination to better the lives of her people is her greatest strength. Whereas Raynier gives love and support to Shahzar knowing that laws that do not allow her to reciprocate bind her. They are both courageous in their own way, and offer each other a haven amongst the chaos. Book one is a fantastic beginning to the story of Shahzar, and I am certain that her continuing journey will be just as wonderful.

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