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ISBN: unavailable
November 8, 2007
Forbidden Publications
146 Pages
Mainstream-Fantasy / Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Shahzar Galkwin is now the Queen of Kaladia. Her role as Queen has left her cold and emotionless, just like her uncle Shahmi taught her. Shahzar must find the last Shan-Sei to save her people from the Klemish who threaten their very existence.

Roderick Belshing is the last Shan-Sei, although he does not practice the black arts that they were known for. He follows the teachings of his mother's people, and uses his gifts to heal the sick and wounded.

Shahzar knows in her heart that she must find the Shan-Sei, even if the council forbids it. She leaves on a hermitage with her guard Irlecain and Bishop Raynier. Her quest becomes much more personal in nature the further she gets away from Kaladia. Roderick has waited his whole life for the one woman who was meant for him. He finds that woman in Shahzar, and immediately recognizes his connection to her. Shahzar is torn, she must choose between her obligations to Kaladia, and the healing of her heart.

This continuation of Shahzar’s story is a fantastic journey out of the desert and into the forestlands. The life and emotions of each character are vividly described and setting the scene is one of Ms. Rabiyah's many talents. Shahzar is following her own course and that takes her right into the arms of Roderick. He is the only man that may finally breach the coldness that has invaded her heart for so long. This second installment is a tantalizing step in the life of Shahzar and her people. I will be anxiously awaiting Book Three.

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