ISBN#:  1-931761-89-2
February 2004
Liquid Silver Books
104 Pages

Alexandria Houston, an intelligent college student, has to make ends meet somehow
and her stripper position at the Classy Lady club has more than fit the bill. However,
after being fired one night, she has a chance encounter with an unlikely rescuer. This
modern-day hero helps her home and she cannot help but being attracted to the tall,
suave and very wealthy man who will take all she will give and leave her haunted by his
image. Time heals a lot of wounds but this man’s memory has been burned into her
head and heart. How can two people from completely different worlds find peace and
love when betrayal and deception further complicate matters.

Steve Macmillan has enough stress to fill his life and he certainly does not need the
obvious prostitute outside his car window adding to the hectic life he already
possesses. Chivalry rears its head and against his better judgment, he takes
Alexandria home. The sex is the best he has ever had and he leaves a business card
on her refrigerator. Alas, she does not call and he starts obsessing over the one that
got away. He finally meets her again and this time his heart will not let go so easily.
Now if only he can get over his pride at the fact that she is not what the upper crust of
society accepts for a partner. The no-commitment agreement is not going to go over
as well as they both find out and the trouble that little lies cause may hurt more than this
mismatched couple can repair.

This was a truly inspiring book to read as it showed that most of the time looks can be
deceiving and that looking inward to yourself is more important that what people think.
The interactions of Steve and Alex were touching and made you want to cheer for them
to get it together. The sex is hot and drizzling with fun and creativity thanks to Ms.
Monroe. I refer particularly to the amusement park-this scene in itself was a complete
riot and I commend the imagination involved! This romance is one not to be missed
and I highly recommend everyone to put on the to be read list as this one is a keeper.
Thanks for the great story!

Joyce Driver
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance