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ISBN#: 1601543042
September 2008
The Wild Rose Press
$ Unavailable
196 Pages
Recent Historical Vintage Rose
Rating: 4 Cups

In the year of 1915, Laurie Cunningham lost her young love Danny, who died in action. During this time, Laurie has met her cousin's fiancé Blair Sinclair, a handsome man, but quiet and too serious. Laurie's cousin never wrote to Blair during his tour in the war and never answered his answers, so Laurie decided to write him. Only, Laurie has started having feelings for Blair, even though she kept them to herself, especially in her letters.

Blair Sinclair inherited his family's cattle station, Coolibah Ranch, but when the war broke out, he joined the infantry as did many of his ranch workers. Blair had also gotten engaged to a beauty of woman, right before he left for war. Now, Blair is fighting far away from home and has not received one letter from his fiancée, and believes her feelings have changed. But the letters from her sweet cousin Laurie made him feel lots better.

When Laurie gets a letter that Blair has been wounded and needs someone there, she goes, not knowing until she is there that Blair is blind also. Believing Laurie is his fiancée, when Blair is released Laurie follows him to Coolibah to help him for a while. But soon his true ex-fiancée shows up, and a multitude of events follow, leading Blair to marry his ex-fiancée, and Laurie to marry a shell-shocked soldier who could never be a true man. Secrets, lies and even murder keep true love from ever becoming a possibility. Will Blair and Laurie ever find true happiness?

Betrayals, lies and secrets combined with an all consuming love, is the platform for this wonderful war-torn romance. Ms. Tanner created a sensational story that will have you tearing up…and pull the strings of your heart. Fascinating characters and important secondary characters play out their parts with emotional and entertaining dialog. Sensual romantic scenes are touching and sweet. This tale has several twists and turns that keep you wondering what could possibly happen next. This is an extraordinary story that should not be missed.

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