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ISBN # (10)0-373-26623-5 / (13)978-0-373-26623-4
January 2008
Harlequin/WorldWide Library
225 Duncan Mill Road, Don Mills, Ontario, Canada M3BK9
$5.99 U.S./$6.99 Canada
298 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Bomber Hanson is considered the tops in lawyers. He is good at his job, often tackling the impossible cases and winning but the latest he is not so sure. Bomber sends his son, Tod, to speak to his next possible client before he considers the case.

Tod Hanson, Bomber’s investigator son, is usually called upon by his father to go and meet with the clients first. For some reason he finds his father often a bit intimidating but when his father accepts this tough case, Tod will do whatever it takes to pull his weight.

After Heiress Anna Poritzky Claddington is found dead, everyone believes the suspect is Inocencio Espinal. He has no money and is considered a hotheaded communist with a bad attitude. Inocencio declares he is innocent and he wants the best lawyer and unfortunately the most expensive. Bomber is the world’s leading trial lawyer. With Tod helping on the investigation, they should find out soon if Inocencio is really speaking the truth. Soon they are thrown into a world that grows dirty with almost every new development. Joan Harding is the secretary for the lawyer representing the deceased and when Tod meets her it is like fireworks. In no time she is eager to help Tod with the investigation. As the trial approaches, time is running out and Bomber is determined to not lose this case.

She Died for Her Sins is full of rich characters that keep the story moving at a fast pace. I was blown away by the impeccable writing of David Champion. He creates a whole atmosphere of action and mayhem that keeps the reader entertained. The relationship between Bomber and his son, Tod, is most enlightening. I loved it when Tod met up with Joan. This is a first-rate read and I was also captivated by the courtroom scenes. It was like watching, Matlock, Perry Mason and Angela Lansbury all rolled into one. Good job, Mr. Champion.

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