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ISBN#: 9781596327870
October 2008
Loose Id
143 Pages
BBW Multicultural Superhero Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Marcus Bruhn works for Modern Water Systems as a glorified plumber. However, he also has an alter ego as a superhero called Centurion. His job is to defend Earth against alien invasions, protecting the weak and fragile humans.

Dr. Audrey Chao is a scientist who studies infectious diseases. She does not consider herself to be a hero, but those around her do. By studying the different viruses that come around, Audrey can and does save millions of lives.

Marcus and Audrey have been dating for quite a while but something is holding them back. She knows he has an alter ego, she even knows who he is, but he will not confide in her. Tired of the secrets and lies, Audrey tells Marcus she has had enough and wants him out of her life for good. When a new strain of viruses infects the superheroes, Marcus turns to Audrey, knowing that if she cannot save them, Earth is doomed.

Ms. Li has written a spectacular novel full of action, mystery, magic, and lots of spicy sex. She Knows His Secret is the perfect book for romance readers and comic book collectors alike. The way Marcus struggles with his alter ego, it is almost like he is two different people sewn together. Audrey is so used to being in control of her work that when she loses control over her relationship, it terrifies her and she runs away. The factors of trust and love within the story can be applied to any relationship. This story has a wonderful feel to it and it has a moral that will keep you smiling until the very end.

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