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Shepherd King

ISBN: Unavailable
Spring 2006
Vintage Romance Publishing
Trade Paperback
229 pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 cups

When Serene is approached by Samuel Fritter to play the part of Caroline Brunswold, a cousin of a rich farmer believed dead, she is overjoyed to be able to leave the town of Tombstone. But can she afford the price? Samuel insists she steal a copy of a certain scroll detailing the location of some gold mines. All Serene has to do is play the role of Caroline, then search the house for the scroll. When she moves into the huge ranch and meets Joseph, who is not really a relative, she begins to fall in love with him. After he discovers the real truth about her, will he throw her out or share the same feelings?

Joseph Brunswold is astonished when he is told that his cousin, Caroline, is alive and well. He has no idea the woman that is sporting the locket that once belonged to his cousin is a fake; a product of a Tombstone whore. He sees Serene as a beautiful woman that he grows to care for, but being his cousin there is nothing that can be done
in their relationship. When he does discover the truth, will he admit the growing love that he feels for her?

Shepherd King is a story of love, greed, and betrayal. Serene is destitute and wants a new life other than one ending up like her mother; a common whore. She decides to bargain for a different lifestyle but the betrayal bothers her conscience when she discovers love for the first time. Now she has to choose the right path even if it means people learning the real truth about her. Joseph and Serene fight the chemistry between them until he learns the truth. The secondary characters blend in well and Samuel Fritter is a good antagonist that works well to construct a plot of deceit.

Ms. Redmond allows the reader to feel the characters’ expressions. She pens a romance that is heartwarming, yet holds you spellbound until the end; keeping fingers crossed that the couple becomes one. The scene with the mountain lion was breathtaking, even though Serene could not act upon her feelings. Ms. Redmond has created an incredible love story that captures the essence of the characters and allows you to visualize the complete setting. This story is a most enjoyable read and I highly recommend it.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance