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ISBN#: Unavailable
March 2008
New Concepts Publishing
54 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Moira is on an archeological dig in Ireland. She loves the country and the site. Her digging partner is not very talkative, but she has just found the most interesting artifact.

Liam is a doctor. Moira was the love of his life, though he married someone else. He never forgot her.

Padraig is a prince from the Ireland of the past. He is contracted to marry Aileen, but once he met Moira, despite her strange clothes and lack of family, she had his heart. Other factors put them both in danger.

Moira is on a dig in Galway when she finds a Druid relic made of gold. Struck by lightning, she is sent 1300 years back in time. Rescued by a prince the price of his protection is a night of pleasure.

This is an interesting time-travel tale. A bolt of lightning sends a woman back to the past, while her body lies in a hospital room suffering everything the living spirit is suffering back in time. Moira has a pretty tough time of it and quite frankly Padraig got his night of pleasure, but she did not get much protection. Liam, back in the present, is still in love with Moira since college, but she was afraid of her feelings and left him. Liam and Padraig would appear to have the same spirit and hopefully they will stay together this time around. He is much better this time around and actually does something to save her; I guess his soul improves with age. The various characters were well written, Ahearn and Aileen were positively evil. Padraig was noble and handsome, even if he did not come through for Moira. Liam has all Padraig’s good points with the opportunity for a second chance, and Moira is a strong woman in a situation she has no control over.

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