E-ISBN:    1-59705-062-8
POD-ISBN:     1-59705-942-0
September 2005
Wings E Press
Price: $6.00/$11.95
264 Pages

Michelle Martin is defending Joe Weldon on a murder charge she believes he did not
commit. She has to deal with the old town prejudices and the boys’ club where a woman’
s place is believed to be in the home. When he confesses to having an attraction to her,
Michelle does not know whether to be flattered or wary. When Bob Rogers, her current
casual affair, presses for marriage she is even more wary. Things are moving too fast
for her. When Janet Wilson, the wife of the man Joe was accused of murdering, is found
dead, the sheriff arrives at her home to question Joe.

Sheriff Miles Carter has always been waiting in the wings hoping for a chance to get
close to Michelle Martin. But with Janet pulling the strings in town and people warning
him away from Michelle, the time never seemed right.  Things take a surprising twist
when Janet is found murdered in her home and Joe Weldon is accused. Going to
Michelle’s townhouse gives him the opportunity to get Joe’s alibi and see Michelle once
again. When things start happening to Michelle, like her being trapped in an attic with
the house on fire, he starts to worry that someone is out to silence the pretty attorney for

Michelle has a lead on something that will blow the town wide open. Corruption, rape,
murder, the whole mystery is getting more and more dangerous. With Miles by her side,
determined to protect her, can she solve the murder?  Will she make it out alive? And
what is Joe Weldon’s involvement with Janet Wilson?

This book is filled with twists and turns, action, danger, and conspiracy at every turn. I
was enthralled from the very beginning. For those who love a great mystery with a fast
moving plot and a fantastic story line, this book is a superb read from Ms. Lattimer. I
look forward to reading a lot more from this author.  

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance