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ISBN# 1-934069-75-2
October 2007
Freya’s Bower
93 Pages
Biker Fiction/Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Lizzy Goddard wishes her mother never married the likes of Ben Strokes. When he drinks, he loses his temper. Her music is the best prescription to calm her fears.

Adam Woodward, the handyman in Acadia, loves Sally, his motorcycle, who has a way of making its own kind of music to calm the savage beast. He thinks Lizzy is a nice girl.

After Lizzy sees how Ben treats her mother, she never wishes to fall prey to any man. The night of her eighteenth birthday brings Ben home drunk and angry again. Ben’s son, Steven, is the only one who can do no wrong. After her mother and Steven are killed in a terrible car accident, Lizzy is left alone. Ben wants nothing to do with her; the thought of her mother killing his son, makes him ill. Lizzy believes Ben is not capable of any emotion but hate and anger. She finds a small cottage needing repairs and luckily someone to help with the maintenance, never realizing it would be Adam. As a handyman, Adam’s steady flow of customers allows him do to odd jobs to set his own hours. He never imagined falling in love while working alongside Lizzy. She feels the strong attraction and hopes to push away the bad memories to have a future with Adam.

I was in awe with this storyline. It seems Lizzy is constantly struggling. I am so glad she found a love with Adam, who helps restore her self-esteem. He enjoys a simple life and all Lizzy desires is finding happiness she has not felt in a long time. I thought the two were quite compatible together. Adelle Laudan pens a strong tale that is indeed very moving. It is so wonderfully composed; I could read Smiling Eyes again and again.

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