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ISBN: 1-59998-608-6
September 25, 2007
Samhain Publishing
195 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Robyn Montgomery is coordinating the auction for her class reunion. She is confident, strong, and smart but when it comes to high school she still feels like the dorky fat girl that everyone teased.

Sean Trenton is an Olympic medallist in skiing. His career took a nosedive when he had a stupid accident that could have killed him. He is determined to get his life on track again and a willing woman seems like a good place to start.

Robyn felt physically sick. Her well laid out plans for the auction were going up in smoke, and she knew she would be the laughing stock of her high school once again. The only bright spot in her day was the gorgeous ski patrol guy with the sexy grin. Just what she needed to take the edge off. No music execs, movie moguls, or star athletes could compare to Sean, until she found out that is exactly what he was. Sean’s attraction to Robyn was a mystery even to him. She was completely different from his usual type, but that made her all the more appealing. He just had to convince Robyn that he was not out to betray or hurt her like so many others. His personal issues made it very hard for him to tell her the whole truth and he made a huge mistake that may cost him dearly. Robyn and Sean are both dealing with some very deep-seated insecurity that could either tear them apart or forge an unbreakable bond.

This sexy little ski story takes the gold. Robyn was determined to show her classmates her true colors. She had played it safe and was finally ready to come into her own. Sean had steadily been withdrawing from his life. When he met Robyn his life suddenly had a new focus. Robyn and Sean were both successful in their own rights, but they really came alive together. They brought out the best in each other, which gave them the courage to face their fears head on. The emotions and the hardships that Robyn and Sean went through made their characters very believable. I will be eagerly reading each and every book Ms. Ione has to offer!

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