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ISBN#: Unavailable
August 2008
Wicked Women of Color
21 Pages
Contemporary F/F Multicultural
Rating: 4 cups

Tiana is a young woman of color who has been a dancer in the recent past. She has spied on her neighbor Isabella with her lover often.

Isabella is Tiana’s neighbor and has been attracted to Tiana for the longest time. While she does have a girlfriend, their relationship is not exclusive.

When Tiana’s current beau breaks up with her, Tiana decides that rather than be hungry she will take her neighbor Isabella up on the invitation to come over for dinner anytime. When she arrives, Isabella is there along with her current lover, and it is not long before things get hot and heavy. Will Isabella and Tiana get together for good?

Somebody’s Watching is a clever read with a hint of voyeurism. I really enjoyed reading it as both the innuendo, and the sex, are very hot. The relationship dynamics are interesting and flavorful. I also thought the very real emotions attached to the whole idea of being out a job, and the worry Tiana experiences, are very realistic. This was a spicy read. I am happy to recommend it.

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