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ISBN: 978-1-59632-240-0
March 2006
Loose ID LLC
106 Pages
Rating: 4 cups

Because of her beauty and her voice, Ceoleen is filled with vanity and spite, knowing that she alone would soon have the pick of any fir Sidhe in all of Gaillimh. Because of her vanity, a spell was cast on Ceoleen. Her beautiful voice could only sing one verse of a song and only the man who finished it would be her spouse.

Donal Bawn is a very handsome man. He is very skilled in the art of making love. Etain, the sun goddess, loved Donal and was jealous because she could not love him as a woman. When she could no longer stand to see Donal with other women, she and the High King of sidhe put a spell on him. He would be a hunch back and his voice thin as a reed.

After three hundred years, Ceoleen had come to terms with her curse. Each day she sang the words to the verse hoping someone would finish it. Donal Bawn heard the song and, drawn towards Ceoleen, he finished the song. Through the days they loved, but they were going back to town, and Donal knew their time together was short. They had no idea there was envy, betrayal, and hatred awaiting them on their arrival.

This is a steamy, enchanting tale. Ms. Barrack has spun a wonderful tale with fairies, goddesses, and spells. Taking bits of lore and weaving them with beautiful characters and a twisted plot, it starts taking shape. Then add the spells, betrayals, and erotic romance and the tapestry comes together as a fantastic piece of work. I love these fantasy romances and this one is going on my keeper shelf.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books