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ISBN #1-934329-86-X
July 21, 2007
Mardi Gras Publishing
71 Pages
Rating: 2 Cups

Sarah had devoted her career to the vampires. She had been working on an anti-virus that would enable them to once again feel the pleasure of the sun. She also promised herself that she would never become involved with one.

Seth, Son of Cain, was the king of the vampires. Having recently taken over the role his father had held for a millennia, Seth was forced to deal with a very serious problem.

Sarah was very close to the cure for the virus that plagued the vampires. With Seth’s help, she would soon be able to free them from their dark existence. However, working very closely with Seth, she soon realized that she wanted more than a working relationship. She had always feared involvement with a vampire due to the fact the she was a mortal and could not remain young and vibrant as they did. Seth knew in his heart that Sarah was his destiny, and after disposing of a threat to the vampire community, he was able to pursue Sarah. His biggest obstacle would be to convince her that he would love her for all of her days. Sarah had never considered crossing over, but with the anti-virus she had no more reservations. She just hoped that it was not too late.

I was unsure of the true plot in this story. Some of the characters on the periphery really had little bearing to the storyline. Sarah and Seth did seem to be the main characters, but were simply developed. The protagonists also had nothing to do with each other, and were easily disposed of. This being Book III, I would hope reading Books I and II make the story more cohesive.

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