ISBN# 1-59279-456-4 (Electronic)
ISBN # 1-59279-765-2 (paperback)
December 2005
Amber Quill Press
252 pages

Sophie Macgregor needs something different. She works in a successful tech company,
but one day gives it all up on a lark to change things up. Hosting a radio talk show now,
one caller in particular snags her attention and her gut tells her it may be the same
playboy from the country club she used to belong to. Sophie does not like playboys.

Parker ‘Biff’ Cornwall is a self made, successful businessman. He is rich, good looking,
and has had more than his share of brief relationships- everything Sophie dislikes.
Commitment phobic, Parker still finds himself slowly drawn to Sophie. It is enough to
join her in the booth one day and work with her full time after that.

Their point/counterpoint banter has ratings climbing - becoming a team the station and
the listeners adore. However, problems start when their radio chemistry begins to spill
over off air. The closer both get, egged on by just about everyone around them, the more
Parker wants out thanks to not so subtle reminders of emotional demons haunting him.

I absolutely adore the way Parker and Sophie bounce off each other throughout the
novel. The sexual tension is evident on nearly every page, making me want to cheer
them on to a happy ending. I only had one minor issue with the book. The situation that
burdens both Parker and Sophie are presented early enough in the story but tend to be
rehashed a few too many times. However, the sweet and funny culmination at the end
more than makes up the reiteration.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance