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ISBN# 1-934069-19-1
August 2006
Freya’s Bower
44 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

A young wizard in her own right, Sorcha defies her mother and seeks out the famed Heart of Fire, a medallion of great power. Sorcha believes the Heart of Fire will somehow stop the escalating fight between her people and the dragons from turning into war. The king appears bent on exterminating all the dragons, while the dragons take more and more livestock and destroy homes with fire.

Caedyrn, an enormous black dragon, only second to the Rex, or dragon King, is an honorable single male of the Flight. For reasons beyond his understanding he feels compelled to visit an isolated lagoon. As he circles in the sky above, Caedyrn spies a human female standing near the shores of the water and proceeds to quietly land nearby.

Sorcha uses her powers as a wizard to call forth the Heart of Fire from the water. At first Caedyrn is not a threat to Sorcha as they realize the medallion requires both to witness the return of the Heart of Fire from the depths of the lagoon. However, Caedyrn insists on the medallion being given to him right away. In defiance of his demand, Sorcha loops the medallion’s gold link chain around her own neck and refuses to turn it over to the dragon, even though she is terrified of him. What happens next defies logic and astounds them both. Unknown forces are manipulating Sorcha and Caedyrn in ways no one could have imagined, and may change the coming battle between the dragons and people forever.

In this fantasy-based tale, Sorcha’s Heart delivers a sweet, ‘opposites attract’ kind of love story. Both heroine and hero are honest and intelligent characters willing to break the mold of conformity for the one they love. Ms. Mumford delivers a charming romance with some very clever twists along the way.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books