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Cassandra Farbanks Series:

Book 1 Soul Market
Book 2 Lost Innocents
Book 3 Skin Thief
Book 4: Inhuman Heritage
Book 5: Silent Doll
Book 6: Deadly Sin

ISBN: 9781926647531-eBook/9781926647616-Print
March 2009
Eternal Press Production
302 Pages
Paranormal Adventure
Rating: 5 Cups

Until three years ago, Cassandra Farbanks thought the world was made up of every human race imaginable and that was that. Then she was told there is another world, filled with different creatures and beings, those that go bump in the night. When she was a child, her mother bound her natural ability to straddle the two worlds, but now that her mother has died, Cassandra is constantly pulled into the two worlds, making her life more interesting than she is ready for it to be.

When vampires go missing, Aram is told by his brother to contact Cassandra about doing some search and find spell. Contacting Andra as he calls her seems like it should be easy, but when it comes right down to it, Cassandra makes him feel differently than any other human has.

Just as Cassandra and Aram start working on finding the missing vampires, new developments come about with other missing supernatural creatures. Magnus is a half-elf or derogatively called a half-breed who asks for Cassandra’s help in finding his missing sister. When the werewolves are framed for a grotesque murder, she must work against paranormal beings with Rourke, a prejudiced cop; Benjamin, her ex-boyfriend who would love to see her fail; and LeBron who has only been on the force for three months. Amid the petty jealousy flying between Magnus and Aram, paranormal beings coming up dead, and an evil entity so deadly a kiss could kill you, Cassandra has to use all the weapons she has available, and it still might not be enough to keep her alive.

Ms. O’Dell has amazed me with her wonderfully written tale filled with all types of creatures, both good and evil. Soul Market is a mind-blowing story of Cassandra, a woman who has natural abilities with magic, but is not quite sure where they came from. I love how realistic she is as a heroine with her sarcasm, witty comebacks, and her bad girl persona that gives off a hint of the dangerous person she could be. There is enough mystery thrown in about her past to keep the reader guessing, and though there is no sex in this story, there is such an air of sensuality between Cassandra, Magnus, and Aram that my heart beat a little faster just from some of the sexier scenes. From the first page to the last, this novel will take you on a wild ride full of vampires, demons, hideous creatures, werewolves, and so much more that you will find yourself begging for more once this story is finished.

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