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ISBN#: 978-0-553-58967-2
July 2008
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019
Mass Market Paperback
464 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Sofia has been living in England for the past few years at school. Her parents have recalled her to India to marry someone she never met. She has only seen him from a distance and even then he disgusts her.

Peter Farewell has been called home due to his father’s death. The new Earl of St. Maur is also a weredragon, which he must keep secret. The dragon does come out to save and aid Sofia.

The Soul of Fire is a ruby that has been handed down for ages in Sofie’s family. Due to financial reverses the magical jewel is all that is left of Sofie’s dowry. She returns to India from England to find herself almost betrothed to the King of the Tigers and sensing danger runs away to be rescued by a handsome Earl who is also a dragon. Their meeting leads to adventure and romance.

This story is fascinating. The author takes colonial-era India and adds some fantastic elements like flying carpets, were-dragons, tigers and monkeys. There are also magical jewels, soothsayers, and the like in a colorful setting that makes this book worth reading all by itself. Sofie is a somewhat naïve but courageous character and Peter is handsome and chivalrous at all times. The other characters are equally enchanting, particularly the were-monkeys, Lalita, Maidan, and Hanuman, who added a bit of levity in addition to their bravery. The author takes actual historical events and spins them into her version of the era. The story has an historical romance feel about it and will appeal to fans of that genre as well as those who love fantasy.

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