ISBN: 1-4199-0259-8
June 2005
Cerridwen Press
Pages 195

After being assigned as the new principal in a small town, Mark Hartman believes it will
help him get over the loss of his son and wife. All he wishes to do is bury himself in his
work and try to forget the ghosts that seem to haunt him. When he meets Sarah
McAllister, old feelings that have been lying dormant begin to waken and make him
warm inside. He does not wish to fall in love again but his heart tells him differently.

Sarah has spent six years at her job with the learning disabled. She is also the
custodian and loving parent of her younger sibling who needs her care. When the new
principal arrives and starts changing procedures and rules, not only at the school but
also with her younger sister, she is not happy with the situation. His cool confidence
infuriates her. The first time they met he was not wearing any clothes and chasing a thief
who had robbed him, but when fully clothed, Mike is one man that really gets her dander
up, while making her feel toasty inside.

When Mike made the comments, "he wanted her but he was not ready, he would never
be ready, he would not allow himself to be," I could practically feel the agony he was still
feeling from losing a loved one. I enjoyed the banter between the two; it was always
lively and kept you on the edge of your seat. I loved the way Ms. Laurey weaved her
words to convey how Mike was feeling about Sarah. It brought a sweet sigh to my lips.
Not to mention how he was concerned for her sister, Bea. Ms. Laurey made Sarah’s
character a breath of fresh air that eased a good many souls and made them feel
relaxed. This was one couple that made you feel good inside.

Southern Song is an incredible book read. I loved the way Ms. Laurey gave the
characters heart. She is a very talented author. This is a delightful romance that will
leave you with a wonderful feeling after the last page. A truly superb book that everyone
should read.

Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance