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ISBN# (10) 978-0-345-49502-0/ paperback and (13) 978-0-345-49725-3e-book
January 30, 2007
Ballantine Books, Random House Publishing Group
1745 Broadway, New York, New York 10019
Paperback and E-Book
Price $6.99
432 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Homicide Detective Carina Kincaid wonders if the dead body found along the Pacific Ocean had been killed there or dumped. She feels the arrogant killer no doubt dumped the body and now she must find the suspect.

Sheriff Nick Thomas, the brother of the prime suspect in the killing, has his own investigation to conduct. He refuses to believe his brother committed the sadistic crime.

Angie Vance’s murder had been gruesome. In fact downright sadistic for the eighteen-year-old who had been stuffed into a garbage bag to suffer suffocation with her mouth gagged by sealing it shut with glue, then the word slut scrawled in thick black marker across her chest as the killer tortured her. Carina is completely blown away by the scene. The rape, suffocation and torture, of the young woman were too much to handle. The park ranger who found the garbage bag only thought it trash when he accidentally opened it. Now they can only hope a complete autopsy will give them a better answer. Carina feels the murder could involve the victim’s ex-boyfriend, Steve, especially when he is a pendulum of hostile emotions. Until she has some sort of concrete evidence, there is nothing to pin on him. To her the murderer is arrogant, so sure that he will never be caught. Nick does not feel comfortable with the situation since he still has demons haunting from a recent ordeal with a serial killer, yet he needs to prove that his brother is not the killer, especially when Steve calls asking for help. Things begin to take a spin in the investigation when the truth of Steve’s dark side enters the picture and another girl is murdered. Carina and Nick join forces to try to stop the lunatic before another innocent woman is murdered. The more they work together, they feel a bond that is intensely strong but first they must find the psychopath before they can have a chance together.

First off, I would highly recommend reading, Speak No Evil, but I think I would do it in the daytime. It is high-class, top-notch reading material with an evil killer that makes one really cringe. The emotions leap from the pages in this great story as Carina and Nick work non-stop to find a killer. They generate a heat that keeps the story flowing. Allison Brennan pens a fantastic work with some sinister and spine-chilling characters and events that are so twisted that it is hard to put the book down. I had to find out who was doing such a terrible vicious act, while rooting that Carina and Nick would not be harmed in any way. The way she portrays Nick and his own demons is wonderfully written. Normally it is the woman with so much in-depth concern but Nick’s depiction was awesome. His compassion is remarkable. This extraordinary fast-paced read is a spellbinding edge of the seat entertainment that is highly addicted.

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